Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inspiration Is...doing what you heart

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I found this great little reminder yesterday on a free printables web link. The author is Lori McDonough. I printed it to add color to this week. Based on my time, I may only get a couple of letters in today...and with my newly adopted version of any cre8tive time is quality time, "that'll do".

Inspiration for me comes when I least expect and usually always when I am most certainly NOT looking for it. In fact sometimes it arrives when my mind believes that "this really isn't a good time". In truth, we don't look for inspiration, it looks for us. If we are open, flowing, ready to absorb and relfect, then we see, feel, touch, taste, smell, hear and experience inspiration. And if it isn't the right time now, then there'll likely be another time in the future.

Even in our most busy alignment, we can purposely notice when inspiration has found us. Thanks to all the beautiful souls who have left me "inspiring" emails and notes today. I'm encouraging you to share these with others (and know that I'll also keep your privacy, if you've indicated this in the email!) I'm delighted this is offering an opportunity for reflection!

If you'd like to post your examples of Inspiration on your Facebook wall, you are welcome to tag me in it so that others who visit my wall can see!

I'm blessed to be connected to such awesome, cre8tive beings!


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