Monday, February 6, 2012

ShareYour Inspiration!!!!

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Since the new calendar year begin in January, I’v shifted my focus from the outer world to my inner being. I went through a really rough patch at the end of December. While I’m not a “whiner and complainer” by nature, I couldn’t help but notice themes of victimhood, sadness, lost hope, direction and grief. I’ve learned through my Journey practice that all emotions are “welcome here”. I no longer exclude those heavy, less than desirable ones as they are just emotions and “they too pass”. I also took them as signs that I was off track and out of alignment with my truest self.

I was determined to get "my groove back" but since I didn't know where I even lost it, I felt the best plan was to take a month to observe and what I noticed was that I was taking less time for me, specifically less time to putter, to play, to honor my creative muse. This type of deep, inner reflection has been supported by the winter season. Naturally this is a time to go within, see “what’s here” and clarify our intentions. While I notice that I don't have a lot of time to spare, I also notice that having time to create, share, inspire and be inspired is as important to me as eating nutritious, healthy food, exercising, brushing my teeth, and even breathing fresh air. As silly as it may sound, by not doing something creative daily, I lost my sense of direction. I think this is easy to do in the busy lives many of us lead.

In the past I’ve put my creative vibrations on hold for when I had more time. I dare not begin working on a card or writing something if I didn’t have time to finish my project because I may not get back to it for a month and I can’t stand leaving things incomplete! So instead of taking a few minutes to “create” I by-passed my creative urgings and just kept on working. In doing so, I wasn’t happier or more efficient….I was crabby! (True confession here…I know it’s hard to believe ;)

I have a strong feeling there are many others in the same non-creative canoe. We all know the value of prioritizing, yet I can easily prioritize myself away from what my heart and spirit most thrives on. My creative musings aren’t works of art, they aren’t masterpieces. They aren’t always for meaningful! Instead they are simply results of what happens when I allow my spirit to open, flow and create. If they do happen to inspire others, why that would tickle me pink, purple, yellow, orange and green! (Like exercise, I don’t do it to “get skinny” I walk, bike, hike and golf for the sheer enjoyment of moving and being outside.)

So it came to me that it would incredibly fun and it would also keep me accountable to my desire of consciously making creative time in my life if I invited others to join me. I am blessed with amazingly creative friends! My heart’s desire is to come together as a virtual community with the soul intention of having a creative forum to share, inspire and be inspired!

I’ll be post a word of the week, probably on Sunday and I'm inviting you to share how the word relates to you, what it means and how you’ve incorporated it into your week! You can drawn, doodle, paint, sew, knit, scrapbook, photograph, write, record, sing, dance, cook and DO ANYTHING that comes to mind, anything CREATIVE that you’d like to share with others of like heart and spirit.

You can leave your “musings” right here on the blog or on my Facebook wall. You can email me at to share any stories as well! I’ll post a new word each Sunday.

How about if we start this week with…..INSPIRATION? That feels fitting doesn't it?


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  2. I forgot to mention that the picture above is a collection of inspiring objects. While I love pinterest, I also wanted something tangible and visible for times when my computer is off. I've been collecting pictures of objects that I most enjoy, ones that I feel reflect me. There's plenty of white space right now but I'll be adding to it every day. I also have a word board that includes all of the words that I love, I write down a new word daily. Again, no rhyme or reason for it, just a visible reminder for my focus. I did have the great INSPIRATION to turn my treadmill toward these posters during my exercise was significantly better than looking at a blank wall!