Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week's word:Journeying

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There are times when I love to be on the move, traveling and exploring; there are times when I want to ground, nestle down and be a total homebody. I get “flashes” of favorite places I’ve been or I see an image in my mind of a place that is calling me to visit. I can close my eyes and smell pine trees and hear mountain streams bubbling. Though I may want to get in my car, fling open the sunroof and head west, I usually stay! (Can’t promise that will happen after May 21st!)

Without the domestic and professional responsibilities that I currently sport, I’m fairly sure I’d only be touching “home base” now and then. As crazy as it sounds, I have plans of living out of my camper, biking, hiking, kayaking, turning myself into a modern day gypsy. In time that will happen. I figure I’ve got a few years to plan this out thoroughly.When my 3rd graduates, I’ll have a nice long list of things to do, places to see and what it is that I want to experience. I do enjoy each phase of my childrens' lives and I know for the present I’m right where I need to be. That said, when they are on their own, I’ll embrace that phase as well; I’ll embrace it with a fabulously long adventure!

For the time being, my journeys have been primarily close to home, with the exception of a monthly trip to UNO. Most of the traveling I do is in my mind and on web sites. I’m currently learning to navigate the Library of Congress site for my Managing Collections Library Class. There’s a monumental amount of information so I do feel like I’ve trekked some miles by the time I’m done for the day! Today I trekked on over to Arrowhead Meadows (AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!) My game was great, but who cares, I golfed on March 5th!

As Emerson says, “Life is a journey, not a destination” and I believe this is true. We are constantly moving, continually evolving and experiencing ourselves against the backdrop of our environments. As I write this, I'm planning a lil 'ol trip to the east, a place that I've never been before. I'm acutely aware of all that needs to be done before I depart for this journey. I have to wonder if I am half cracked to even attempt this feat, given the many hoops I'm jumping through to make sure all will be well in my absence. I trust that it will.

My question/offering this week is, "What items go with you on your journey? What are your essentials? What luxuries do you tuck away?" If I travel by car, I ALWAYS pack a pillow, blanket, reading material, journal and camera. Travel by plane means extreme downsizing....I WILL be bringing my art journal and supplies,a camera, music (of course!), Salomon footwear and my t-shirt scarf (which doubles as a pillow, fashion accessory and is soft and cozy enough to remind me of home!) about a song, poem, sculpture, journal entry, painting, scrapbook page, or collage on the "comforts" of travel? Feel free to share your "favs" in the comment section below or on my fb page! Maybe you can help me remember what I might be forgetting?!?!

And...I'll be posting our "Nashville Adventures" to the blog next week, so stay tuned (and please have patience with any spelling/grammar errors! I DETEST my droid's keyboard, but I will muddle through!)

Happy Trails!

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