Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back at the Ponderosa.....

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This is an AMAZING picture. Why, you ask? It is because the floor is visible instead of being strewn with the laundry of five people! It took most of the weekend to get things put back in order and still, I have a ways to go but I am settling back the normal routine.

One of the things that I notice each time I travel is the I return to my abode and surroundings with new "eyes". I notice things that I "numbed out" to before. As such, it seems that I have quite a spring cleaning/reorganization project ahead of me. After looking at my calendar today, the launch date will likely be in April. I have a distinct need to clear, cleanse and reorganize. What I don't have is a lot of time to do it in. Several projects from all directions are calling to me. I've learned the fine art of prioritizing so I'll get to them "all in good time".

This brings me to this week's word: balance.

There's a part of me right now that really wants to just throw up her hands and walk away! This is post-travel blues and it happens every time I come home to the seemingly monumental task of reintegration. Each time I travel my personal energies and awarenesses are expanded and I find it hard to fit back in to where I was, because where I was has now shifted....a lot. It's all good, it's all part of life, the planets, the energies, the cosmos and all that other stuff that we feel but may not see.

In this pre-equinox shift, I'm choosing to open to new ways of balance, perhaps ways that I haven't practiced or pondered before. I'm ready to spread my wings and see what is ready to come most likely will be as much of a surprise to me as everyone else! I just never seem to know what's coming next....guess I must love mysteries?!?!

What are your tips, tricks and techniques to stay balanced and focused when you have a whole lotta things shaking in your world? Feel free to share in the comment section below. If you are creating an art journal, photo collection of balance, song lyrics, paintings, etc, be sure to add the link to your site so we can all take a peek!

Happy Spring!

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  1. One technique I use to help keep me balanced is a 5 by7 flash card. In the evening I write my goals for the following day. I include meditation, exercise, breakfast, snacks, classes, study time, lunch, supper, shower, journaling, and personal reading to name a few. I keep the card on me. It makes it easier for me to check off what I have accomplished and what else I have yet to do. This seems to work better than writing my goals and leaving them on my night stand for the day. Thumbs up for balance in our lives.