Friday, March 9, 2012

I Could Fly

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"I wanna thnk ou for the love you gave me and the sun that you put in my sky. You don't know how much you've lifted me up but I feel so alive that I could fly, I could fly"~Keith Urban

This song is a perfect fit for our departure, which happens in 10 minutes. We left NE last night and stayed with our dear friends, The Terrell Family. I have just a few mintues before we start boarding for our flight so I grabbed Chad's computer to write a few notes. I detest the tiny, impossible key board on the droid!

Later today we'll land in Nashville and this evening we'll be seeing the singer of the song listed above. I'm thinking it would be pretty darn nifty if he sang this song! It's one of my favorties (I have a ton of favorites!)

I'll be blogging our day's events so if you'd like to join our adventure, please check back!

So far our greatest accomplishment is getting 5 peeps successfully through security. I can tell that my children have matured because it doesn't take nearly as long as it used to. And..... Chad did check to make sure the fence plyers were left in the Dodge!

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