Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The South

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Greetings Everyone!

I've finally taken time to update the blog. As usual, we've been on the go. This morning we're taking a slight break from our adventures to rest. The younger two are still sleeping next door. Chad and Pake have gone to listen to the ICBA presentors and I'm typing.

Nashville is a really pretty location. I'd like to come back in late spring early summer when all of these trees have leaves though there is plenty of green to help me remember what that color looks like!

Some of our highlights include visiting Franklin, TN which is where one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place. It lasted about 5 hours and over 2000 men were killed. We've visited the Carter house where the battle was fought and the Carnton Plantation, which became a Confederate Field Hospital.Pictured above is the Carnton Plantation. This gorgeous, spacious home housed the wounded soldiers and years later became the final resting place for the Confederate dead. There are still blood stains on the floor of the south facing rooms. Doctors did the best they could in the morning/daylight hours. It had to be one of the most harrowing experinces to witness. If that old house talk.....

We've also been on a ghost tour (we didn't see any ghosts but viewed some really cool old houses!)We've seen Andrew Jackson's Hermitage and took in the Grand Ol Opry. Most of Sunday was spent getting situated and placed in our room. We're staying at the largest convention center in the world....which I believe is true because I've gotten lost several times. Interestingly the kids seem to be well orientated and so I just follow them!

Later today we'll head to Goodlettsville, home of the Old Hickory Bat Company. I'd also like to tour the Belle Meade Plantation. I'm really loving the architecture and viewing the houses. I've always loved learning about history but seeing these locations in person brings such a richness to all that I've read about. This trip is certainly making me want to visit other historical locations and check out neighboring states. I think the rest of the family is on board with this too.

Both boys purchased civil war figures, Parker, being the sympathetic child that he is, wanted to even the score a bit so I'm supposed to report that the Confederate Army is ahead 4-1! He set up his camp outside of the state reception last night. Interestingly he and one of the hotel employees started talking and he learned some interesting facts. He also learned the importance of listening and allowing information to find you, no matter what or who the messenger appears to be!

Chad and I discovered this as well. We went to the Jack Daniels bar to have a drink after the reception. The guy playing the guitar was REALLY good and as we were listening, I realized who it was....Ira Dean. Ira used to be with a band called Trick Pony. Ira is a great guy, very friendly and fun to visit with. He sat at our table during break and then played, "Just what I do when I Can't Get No Loving", one of our favorites! He'll be releasing his solo cd later in the spring. I have an advanced copy with his signature.

As always, I'm amazed at how quickly the time flies by. It doesn't seem like it should already be Tuesday! I always have the best intentions of blogging every day but I don't always take the time or have the energy. I am working on a great playlist to summarize the days. I'm also gathering some awesome ephemera for the art journals. One of these when I'm end the mood, cre8tivitiy will strike and I'll be happy to comply...til then I'm gonna be moving and shaking!

Peace y'all!

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