Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Ususally Like Sundays

Sundays, in my mind are ideal days to lounge around and savor the day. Piles of books to be read, scarved to be knit, dogs to scratch, coffee to drink, dreaming, puttering, relaxing. This is not how Sunday went down in my world today.

Upon our return from Mass, I jaunted outside to take care of a much needed task, cleaning the coop. I do this on a monthly basis, staying on top of the stink, even in deep winter. While I cleaned, Chad cooked up a delicious country breakfast consisting of potatoes, onions and left over sausage. It was delicious.

After that, the day just flew by. We spent quality time together working on Robyn's accounts and receipts. Poor Chad has his work cut out for him! My forte does not lie within such tasks as tax preparation. I know it is necessary and now I know I need a new, more efficient system of organizing what I buy and when. I am a very right-brained girl. It appears that I need to incorporate more left-brained techniques into the rush of my day. I have some ideas in mind to make it easy for Chad at the end of the month. This includes having a bill file near the door and my purse, so that I am not just "chunking" receipts into a basket and lugging them downstairs to be seen at a time fare into the future. I guess I've just discovered my New Year's resolution........again. If I remember right I tried this several years back and was clearly not successful!

So here we are, on Sunday evening. I'm ready for bed and praying that I do not dream of lost transactions and unaccounted for receipts. Though this wasn't my ideal day, I feel fortnuate that I live with a left-brained person who is wiling to put this all into a computer and make it "come out right". He needs to be patted on the back, living with me is not always an easy thing to do, especially when it comes preparation!


  1. Tax time can be quite taxing...on the brain...haha! One of my New Year's resolutions EVERY year is to be more organized! Good luck to you. One of my tried and not very true practices is to "pile" instead of "file". That should definitely be reversed. We've had kids home twice over the break and more company over the week end so it's been pretty crazy (nice crazy) here for awhile. Time to settle in and get serious about all that bookwork awaiting me. Good thing it's cold and I'd rather be inside than outside.

  2. Amen Deb! I do believe that is my New Year's Resolution too! I'm trying to be diligent and putting receipts away and keeping better track of what I can deduct. Yes, in all the crazy (wonderful)daily experinces, bookwork is the last thing i want to focus on. You are right though, it is more appealing to be inside right now....way more appealing than the alternative! Thanks for the comment~ RJ