Monday, January 10, 2011

Summer Thoughts.............

These are just two of my summer icons~pineapple and spinach. Unlikely combinations and ones that probably should not be combined in the same meal but nontheless, they bring a summer sensation to my tastebuds.

I only buy pina when there is a good deal. It's rare that I would be willing to pay over four bucks for one; when they get down to two, I'm in.

Spinach is just a versatile food that I can always find a dish for it to go into. I grew my own for the first time last spring and it was DELICIOUS and easy. Did I mention easy? I actually tossed the tiny seeds into the ground and didn't expect much. It grew as good as most of my weeds, which means it's perfect for my garden.

I was fortunate enough to get several cuttings from it and even sent a few lucky Rafter Lazy H visitors home with a bag or two. Today, I noticed that my pile is nearly gone. BS decided that she adores these leaves as well and that is what she chomped down for lunch (with an ample amount of raspberry vinegarette dressing).

We'll cut the pineapple up for a snack later today. The kitchen has been cleaned, laundry is about to be tackled and then there's a pile of mail and a movie to watch. The kids are home today because of the snow so classes, computer, writing and anything related to high-levelthinking is likely a lost cause~!

I think I must really be missing summer. I've caught myself more than once in a daydream of riding a flashy, red cruiser bike down the street. My hair is blowing in the wind, the sunshine is kissing my face. I have an assorment of veggies and fresh flowers in the basket in front and I am just gliding along on a warm, windless my shorts and tank top........with sunscreen and flip flops......ahhhhhhhhh  Don't wake me 'til Spring!

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