Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How To Beat The Winter Blahs Part II

Weather wise today has been really blah. It was, and still is, cold and crisp. That break in the weather yesterday was a rare treat. We all knew it too. Whispy white flakes of snow layered the grown as I looked out the north window, though it didn't amount to much. It was just a reminder that winter is still very much present.....and it's not going to go away for awhile.

To counterbalance the effects of this season, I'm making at effort, sometimes a HUGE one, to get out and walk. While I'd love to walk at the same time every day, this doesn't always happen. Every day is different from the next and following a schedule has never been a forte of mine. I do set the intention to get out in nature and go for a walk daily, whenever the opportunity arises. This morning I rushed inside to get to the many things on my list. As I knocked them off, one by one, I contemplated skipping my walk: it was cold, blustery and well.......COLD. I dislike freezing and sweating so I tend to not enjoy my winter walks as much as those in other seasons. I mean really, if you have to wear a coat to work out, what's the point?!?!
My point is this......get moving! Even if you are not trying to firm up, shed pounds or get in shape, taking a walk does refresh your entire system and shifts your focus. I'm the first to profess that I am not a fan of winter and cold and yet sometimes, it is the perfect antidote to flaring tempers, poopy attitudes and the feeling of constriction that comes from being inside. Cabin Fever, SAAD and other forms of lower energies is probably a direct correlation of being stuffed inside for several months.

Of coarse we know this is true, yet, what we know does not always direct our actions. I could tell I needed to do something different when the kids were home and I had a claustrophobic reaction to their fighthing. Mama HAD to get outside! I don't think I've walked that hard and fast for a long time. The good news is, no heads rolled, all bodies remained in tact and I was able to "cool off" significantly (while sweating profusely) before I re-entered my quasi-Utopia! It made such an impact that night that I've been taking a daily, fast walk since. I can't really tell if it is helping my figure, I'm still piling on the layers but I'll make that assessment come Spring.

While walking certainly hasn't erased all my frustrations, it has helped a great deal in giving me time to refocus. I do feel more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvinated. There is still a part of me that would love to spend my day on the couch, wrapped in quilts and covered in great books, I just keep putting her off until next Sunday.

If you haven't hit the road in a whille, I encourage you to do so. It may be just what you need to get the blood pumping, lift your attitude/outlook. Even if you have to wrap up in a few extra layers, there are still many "treats" that Mother Nature has to offer. It's not her fault we have to suffer through this miserable

Please note: The opinions expressed in this blog are solely based on the author's long standing attitude towards the drab, miserable, seemingly never-ending cold weather harbored by Winter. Someday when she has the funds to do so, she will live in a place that has summer year 'round. She will spend most of her day in a hammock, gazing at the ocean and an abundance of living GREEN plants. If you live in an area that is lusciously green and warm this time of year, please send her a picture, she's completely forgotten what is is like to be in such a location!

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