Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Have the Power To.........

Dear Blog Readers,

I miss you! I haven’t forgotten about you. It seems that this new year has arrived equipped with rocket fuel and I am being projected forward is several exciting and unexpected ways. Don’t worry though, I’m learning (albeit slowly) to balance all these fabulous experiences and you’ll soon see more in-depth and hopefully entertaining posts.

I’ve not been able to “mobile blog” as much because my old phone fizzled out. I replaced it with a different version and while I love the larger screen (MUCH EASIER TO READ) it is not conducive to sending random thoughts on the go. Again, adjustment required (seems to be my personal theme these days!)

So where do you find yourself being whisked away to as our year gets under way? As a Nine Star Ki practitioner (what I do when I’m not doing anything children, animal, home/ranch related) I can look at energetic themes and trends within each year and month. My personal themes indicate deep personal change and transformation which is both exciting and frightening. And the truth is it is all how we look at the situation(s). Do we cling to what we know? Or do we throw our hair back, jump on and ride the wave?

Perception, how we CHOOSE to look at any event or situation is going to be KEY to our happiness in the year to come. I’d like to share a wonderful quote shared via my good  'ol cowboy buddy, Ross, “If you’re not blessed thankful or lucky………change” ~Karma

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Our happiness, our reality is entirely based on the perception we adopt. We can wake up to a gorgeous, snow crystal world, one that is unique and rare and could never exist in July or we can wake up grumbling and cursing old Man Winter. We can bundle up and build snowmen in a small town in Nebraska or we can ignore the opportunity to make other people laugh, sulking about this and that.

I really don’t know where we’re headed in the coming months but I have a pretty strong idea that how we choose to look at each day and every moment is going to determine our highest levels of success.

Face the sun, open your mind and heart and go forward to infect everyone around you with a positive, loving attitude. Together I DO believe we can all move mountains and……….huge piles of snow!

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