Sunday, January 17, 2010

Picking Up Where We Left Off



I forget sometimes that progress is gradual. It takes a while to get where we want to go. Maybe road blocks and delays are just ways of ensuring that what we are asking for is really what we want. I find that sometimes I want something so bad that it is all I think about. I also find that the more I want it and harder I search for it, the more elusive it can become. Its usually when I forget about it, let it go or become distracted by some other quest or drama that what I was obsessing about comes right through. I am speaking mainly of my craft room but there are a few other things that could apply too!

I have become pretty disctracted with other events and details in my life right now so I haven't really spent much time in the basement, or in my craft room. I've dreamed about this magical room for years! It was very near fruition last year though the time line for an available handy man ended; rodeo season arrived, cows went to grass, wells didn't work, fences didn't hold and our time, energy and focus literally went out the door. My creative juices were directed toward keeping a garden alive, canning and writing a newsletter to name a few.

We did use the space for wrapping Christmas presents and I've done a couple of scrapbook pages but really haven't done much else. Its become a catch all, everything from games to books to papers to whatever has gotten tossed in. I figured I'd get to it eventually. All that creative drive, obsession, push-to-get-it done, just fizzled. Today, it was the last thing on my mind, what I most wanted was a nap, a glorious afternoon nap and.........I got it.

I woke up to the sound of a saw outside! A few hours later, I have half of the wood flooring in the craft room in! It looks great too. I think I've found my new favorite place in the home, that is after I go through the process of cleaning and reorganizing it, once again.

I find it funny that when I finally just let go of what I was hoping to accomplish, released the resistance and time line, it came through pretty darn effortlessly. Maybe that attached garage is just around the corner? Ok. I won't push it tonight.

If anyone is in the mood to scrapbook, knit, sew or chat, come on by, we have a really cool room to work in!
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