Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Daytime Home


This picture was taken on the first day of school, you know, way back in August when it was plush, green and WARM! I had forgotten just how beautiful it looked and how much I didn't appreciate those warm sunny rays that I basked in!

I've started my first full day as a substitute teacher. I love stepping back into the classroom and have to say that I will also enjoy stepping out again, when the time presents itself! I adore kids and the miracle of watching them learn and grow, though today I realize that it takes a lot of energy to fuel this process. I have a renewed perspective for teachers and for moms that pull multiple shifts, (what mom doesn't?!) What I am saying is that I have no idea how I did this for nine years? I am pathetically "out of shape" when it comes to a structured day! This new routine is getting many aspects of my life aligned. The boys helped make supper tonight, creatively carved out of leftovers (no one complained because they didn't have to eat soup a.k.a. "food of the devil" to them. Lunches are prepared for tomorrow and no housework or floors have been touched. I am finding my solace in writing. One of the talents I hope to bring to the classroom is my love of reading and writing. I am working with 2nd graders so there is unlimited potential for creative stories.

Much of my big plans and ideas for the year appear to be on hold. I am still looking at getting a milk goat, maybe two. I will be planning my garden, ordering heirloom varieties and big breath here............hoping my chicken coop is just around the corner! I want 2010 to be the year I finally get to have chickens on the ol' Rafter Lazy H! Wow. Big news huh? Don't worry, I'll keep writing!
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