Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost Time



Well folks the new around here is how freakin cold it is! Wow. A friend of mine did a little research and found that while we were freezing our buts off here in good ol Nebraska, Anchorage was a balmy 30 degrees yesterday. Yeah…………we’d take 30 today!

Sice I last wrote I've been on a marathon cleaning and reorganization spree. The top half of the home is now in much better shape, still trying to get motivated to get the bottom in order. Like my body, I am amazed at just how quickly my environment can get out of shape. I could blame it on the weather and winter and the fact that there are 5 people and two dogs roaming around but I notice that it seems to become just as messy in the other three seasons.........sigh.

The "get my butt in gear and get organized" mode comes every year after the holidays and espeically this year. My back to school gig is about to begin. I am blessed with the opportunity to spend two months with second graders. Though I've stepped away from the class room full time I do substitute on occassion. My friend, who happens to be my son's teacher is just about to have her baby; it's almost time for my outside job to begin. I went in yesterday for the morning and I was wipped out by noon. I come home exhausted and wondering I how did this every day for nine years?

Instead of doing the rest of the laundry and diving into more projects I was instantly drawn to my corner of the living room to carve out a little comfort in my day. With my new pooch and the old (trained) one, my knitting, and cafe mocha I stole about 20 minutes before the boys barged in the door. Super heros they are, they lasted a lot longer than I did AND they had smiles on their faces. I'm striving for that. I have to say I am a bit nervous. My bedtime is going to come a lot sooner and I suspect my organization skills will strengthen, they have to. I am sure that I will walk away with a whole new apprecation for the comforts of home. I love working with people and especially children. I also love coming home at the end of the day and knowing there is a big cushy, warm bed ready for me to dive into.

So for today, let the wind blow, let it be as cold as the Arctic Circle, we can't fight the wind and weather but we can really appreciate the comforts of home and hearth. Snuggle down and stay warm with the ones you love.
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