Monday, July 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home~

Home is where we hang our hats, where we nestle down in the comfort of familiar, safe, sweet and supportive vibrations. I love being home and the more I am home the more I like staying home. Yet there is a bit of gypsy blood in me and no matter how much I feel like I want to stay planted and become a hermit, the voice in the wind calls my name. Perhaps it awakens a dormant gene somewhere in my DNA that just can’t stand to be still for too long, perhaps it is just the act of searching for something new and exciting. Whatever it is, it is strong enough to get me up, get me going and motivate me to pack for 5 people and a wiener dog! Insane, I know and yet I do it!

The older I get the more I love having roots. I love the land that we are on, I love what Chad and I and our children have created. This is home. It has taken 15 years to fall in love with south western Nebraska; like an arranged marriage, I had to grow to love this place where the rain turns the cement like dirt into slick snot. But love it I do, for better or worse and now this is the place that I am happy to hang my hat at.

Summer does something to me though. I have visions of staying put, enjoying lazy summer days under the rafters of my deck, watching birds fly and flies buzz. Spending time in the garden, petting the dogs, playing with the kids. I even bought a hammock in hopes that this would entice me to relax and unwind. I do make a conscious effort, I’ve used it twice and that’s HUGE for me! I however haven’t converted to such a laid back lifestyle…………..yet! There’s still time and lots of summers to go. Maybe just being aware of a slower pace means that it is in my awareness!

For now though, I answer the nomadic call. We’ll be preparing for a trip to Cheyenne to watch Chad and Jeff compete in the team roping. The kids and I will hang out there, play, ride bikes, relax and dream. I’ve got a lot of planning to do for the fall and a lot of catching up do with my spirit. Cheyenne should be a good place to get it done. I’ll be sharing posts soon of the garden and the power of green! Stay tuned!!!!

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