Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Introducing...........Cre8tive Cowgirl!

Hello Everyone,

I am delighted to share some shifts and updates that have come through in the recent alignment. Last month, for those of you that are familiar with the nine star ki energies, my number found itself in the center. Anytime one of our numbers resides in the center, we never emerge the same on the other side of the month.

I sit here now, blissfully amazed at all that has come through. In this new month, we are being given many powerful downloads via the fire energy. We are in a nine fire month during a nine fire year. The focus here is uncovering what has remained hidden and dormant as much rises to the surface. Themes of relationships, finding our passion, aligning with our path and fully living our purpose take center stage.

For a while now I’ve been feeling a churning, an excitement within my being, a knowingness of something coming through, yet not really knowing what it was. Like many of you, I’ve felt guided to go within, to connect or rather reconnect with my inner vibrations, explore the depths within my own being and really take inventory.

I’ve identified some of the core passions, ones that I am now ready to devote more time to. I realize I can play any role I choose and yet none of them are really me, or the who of who I am. I am learning the art of detachment and at the same time I am giving myself full permission to experience whatever shows up. I’ve stepped away from some of my obligations to find that they were not all that dependent upon me!

When much was stripped away, what remains are the bare bones of any foundation. What it is that I love to do and would do if I had a million dollars or nothing at all?~write. I love to share, to communication, to motivate, to learn, grow, experience and guide. I realize that this is such a core part of my vibrations that I do it without even trying to.

Of coarse this realization trickles out into the substance of my life, everything is being redefined and reshaping, the beauty is that it is being done through me, without effort and force. Though I will still be writing about energies and the awareness that comes through my focus is shifting into a different realm where I will be sharing from more of a personal experience. This will offer me 1. An outlet for all the information/energy to be shared more often 2. Allow others to experience and share in the vibrations, connecting on even deeper levels. 3. Create conscious community via the web. We are vibrating out of the old paradigms of separation/isolation. We are a global community and it is time to find our soul families.

I’ve heard back from so many of you and am encouraged by your words to share in this way. The focus will be slightly different, in addition to writing about energies and awareness, I'll be writing about inspiration, insights, motivation, creative ideas and passions of living life fully! It will be “unbridled musings” about life, my life, the lives of my family, friends and those I meet along the way, and more than likely, the many animals that seem to find me! If you are interested, check back often, follow the blog and comment as you are guided!

In the recent alignment with the full moon/lunar eclipse, it came to me in meditation that the same force that we connect with is also the same one that we un-create with. The merging of polarity, the weaving of duality invites us to see the truth that all creative/destructive forces are one and the same. This new blog highlights the different focus that I am moving into, the daily experiences that you may enjoy hearing about will allow me to share random thoughts that pop in.

The themes of self-sustainability, conscious community, and living creatively and passionately have been knocking on the door of my heart and I must answer this call!
The new blog, Cre8tive Cowgirl, is dedicated to the strong, indepdentant, resourceful,and fun beings of our planet. Women and men who live with passion and purpose, those who are powerful,yet willing to be vulnerable, pioneering spirits who have choosen to be here at this time.

You'll notice a very different flavor, and sense it as soon as your eyes “taste” the words. It is my prayer that that what comes through this blog will unleash the creative forces within your being and will guide you to throw out any rule books that you’ve been living under. I invite you to connect with the authentic soul vibrations that are here already here. You may not feel guided to bring in laying hens or dairy goats to your location, start hiking with huskies, grow a vegetable garden, learn to play a violin, restore an old camper, or chase children around at rodeos, but you may just feel a passion for life stirring within you. This my friends is the gift of nine fire, connecting us with our path and purpose (and it doesn’t have to make sense!)

In this month, year and beyond, find what you love to do and DO IT! Give yourself full permission to LIVE OUTRAGEOUSLY! I invite you to join me in this endeavor, share your insights, musings, awareness and revelations. My physical location hasn’t changed, though my spirit is certainly vibrating higher! I can be reached at my old address or my new one, listed in the profile section. I’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave your comments. If interested you can sign up to follow the blog. I will be posting often so do check back. I have some yummy things to share; summer drinks, fun books, my favorite new bag, updates on my homesteading adventures, dog stories, a creative sandal project and much more!

And of coarse, I am still offering Journey Processes, Nine Star Kid Readings and Updates, Space Clearing, Feng Shui Consultations, Energy Sessions. I am designing classes for MPCC this fall; Finding Your Bliss~(will feature the Chocolate Meditation by Julie Ditmar) and Extra-Ordinary Self Care. Sessions are by appointment only and can be in-person or via telephone for those of you living distantly.

Join me in living a cre8tive, authentic life. Do what you love, discover your passion, live your truth.



  1. Hey Girl - WOW! I love it! I can't wait for all your inspiration, insights and creative ideas - thank you for sharing all your love and passion!!

    Much Love - T

  2. I like the spirit of your new blog. You are a good 10 years ahead of me in finding your true self. I didn't get there until after my mother (your grandmother) passed away which was followed by one of the largest funerals ever in Valentine. It actually occurred to me at her funeral what a remarkable life she had lived. Not remarkable for holding offices, running companies, running organizations or having a name that everyone recognized but simply because of how she lived. Everyone she knew loved her. She was kind and made everyone feel welcome in her home. It took me several months to get things in order but eventually I resigned from my very public position. I realized that knowing all those "important" people didn't add much to my life, just to my odometer. Knowing and working with "my people" is enough. Occasionally I see some of the people that I knew from out of our area (I do miss the friends I made) and I think some are confused about how I can be happy in my small office in my small town and go home each day to my small house on our small ranch. Clearly they do not know what a "big" life I live. Happiness is everything!