Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple Summer Pleasures

Since I have taken away all things electronic, the kids have had to come up with creative ideas to keep themselves entertained this summer. No tv, movies or wii, unless it is for a special occassion. So despite the complaints, begging and whining, we've endured. There are no video players in the car either so even road trips have seemed unusually long and boring according to the older two! I feel very strongly that while video games and movies are great forms of entertainment, like all things balance is needed. When I see kids playing on nintendos and the wii for hours on end, I am saddened because they are missing out on so much. When I was growing up, my best form of entertainment was playing in a little log house that my dad fashioned out of scrap wood, riding my horse and reading. The later two are still predominant forms of entertainment; I have a real house now that has to be cleaned so its not as fun! My point is to encourage creative movement, creative play and helping my kids discover the wellspring of entertainment within our own imaginations!

When they spontaneously asked to run through the sprinkler, I was delighted. Now this is some genuine summer fun. A simple way to cool off and pass the time. We're getting there~

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