Friday, July 31, 2009

Mom's Eco-Friendly Strollers

Let me introduce two of our favorite family members, Casper and Isante. These ponies found their home with us a couple of summers ago. Pake, our oldest son, got a very small,classy looking, sweet, gentle pony from is grandparents for Christmas when he was a year old. He and Lightening grew up together and we were fortunate enough that Parker also got to ride him. He suddenly left us after branding one weekend at my mom and dads. It was devastating to say the least; we still shed tears in his absence.

Life continues though. By the end of that summer, when our boys lost interest in riding, we knew it was time to move forward. We found two ponies, running free and wild in the pasture. With time, patience, lots of love and unde their father's tutelage, the boys now have working ponies. We’ve had many fun adventures in training them; learning what they will do, won’t do and what THEY want to do! Casper is a wiz with barrel racing, Isante…….not even close. Isante loves trailing cattle, Casper……….loves eating grass! Pryce has been asking for her pony all summer!

In conversation a couple of evenings ago, it was determined that instead of buying another pony, Pake would graduate to a big horse, Parker would ride Isante and Pryce would ride Casper. Today was a “changing of the guards”, so to speak. I had some tears in my eyes this morning when I realized that I would be breaking in a new "stroller". When Pake was little, rather than forge a stroller across our washboard road, I would put his saddle on Lightening and we’d head out walking. Everyone was happy and entertained, especially me because I wasn't cursing the road and trying to keep a child IN the stroller. I didn’t even have to hold the reins, Light would just follow me! He was so helpful, and looking back, I really took him for granted.

Memories flooded in as I put Pryce on her "new" pony. Casper is a good little guy but he doesn’t have the calm, nurturing disposition of Lightening. I will give him credit because he only trotted back to the barn with the screaming strawberry blond on his back! I know how fast he can run and he didn't. She wouldn’t pull up on the reins; both hands were holding Casper's mane for dear life! I shouldn’t have laughed but I have to admit that a giggle snuck out watching her crouched down, almost parallel with the pony, yelling her head off; that girl was not going to fall, she was glued!

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After a few tears, (from both of us) mamma grabbed Pryce off the fence, put her promptly back on Casper and we walked down the road........ again. This time I did hold on to the reins while coaching a little. I smiled with delight at this "green" stroller. He is, in every way, eco-friendly. He's all natural,100% organic, eats grass, which is then bio-degradable and used for compost in my garden! I don’t have to worry about getting thorns in the tires/changing a flat, or selling him at a garage sale at the end of the season. He doesn’t take up much room; he is “packable” and provides excellent back support since I am not carrying my kid! As far as strollers go, he’s a great choice though you may not find this style on ebay~ Lightening was truly the original though we think Casper the Cre8tive Cowgirl Stroller, kinda has a ring to it!

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