Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekend Plans

Here's what I am doing this weekend. I am currently NOT a mixed media artist, I don't even play one in real life, but I'd like to. I have dreams and aspirations of making a big giant mess with paints, paper, stamps, and whatever other materials appear within my craft room. I've taken a couple of fabulous classes on-line and have learned some interesting techniques. I need/want to do a trial run for the art journal classes I'll be teaching this spring. I've spent the better part of six months gathering materials (which I am excellent at) I've spent the better part of this week gathering courage to actually make that big giant mess in my neat, tidy craft room (which I am not that great at). I'm really good at cleaning, organizing, collecting and not so wonderful at execution of said projects. They're all neatly filed in my head...time to see what's actually locked inside.

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