Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Step by Step.....

Today’s “One Little Step”

I’ve just barely gotten underway with my One Little Step Project and already I am detecting shifts. I find myself continually asking (*fun) questions and those questions inevitably lead to an invitation to a seemingly small step. I may or may not take the step but the “seed” is certainly planted in my mind.

Removing the FB app off of my phone and shutting off email may be the single best thing I’ve done to raise efficiency this month. FB is a lovely distraction and while I miss status updates I am also quite happy with how I’ve been able to focus more on the task at hand. Setting times throughout the day to check in was a little harder than I thought it would be so, just for fun, I took a sip of water every time I went to look at the phone. (I drank two glasses if that tells you something!) Today, I forgot the app was even on my phone and I’ve managed to get a cup of tea down, it’s been quite a busy day.

Another little step was taking a walk in the rain on Monday. I didn’t have to but I felt the need to be outside. By no means was I knocking out 5 mile run or sweating to the ass breaker Jillian Michaels (that DVD just screams RESISTANCE). I simply give myself the “freedom” to take a walk, CELEBRATED the fact that I was moving and thoroughly enjoyed the mist on my face.  

Oh but what would this share be without a little resistance?!  That arrived this morning when I hit snooze….twice for the third morning in a row.  I have long wanted to be a morning person but that first step out of my bundle of covers is excruciating. I set the alarm for an over-zealous five minutes and this DID NOT WORK. I am not even sure a 30 second little step could budge this stuckness. So I thought to myself what tantalizing little treat would voluntarily get me out of my nice warm nest {happily}? It would have to be something sweet, tantalizing and something I couldn’t resist…………that’s right WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE! I live 5 hours from the nearest CC factory L  

So tomorrow I will set the alarm for 1 minute early. I am also going to take my shower at night to cut down on my morning preparation time. My “treat” will be making a piping hot cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug and using the time I would normally be in the shower to “lazily” drink my coffee in my still warm bed. Risky. Dangerous. FUN. Different. I’ll start with that. In a month or so, maybe I’ll work up to five minutes and who knows, maybe 15 minutes early just to read a book, or maybe I’ll just not get too aggressive and stick with the coffee? Slow. Steady.  1 minute early tomorrow morning.  Check. Remind me to share with you how this goes. I’m sure it relates to other stuck areas. So I’m curious to see how they begin to unravel by tapping here…..

Another aspect that surprised me is the amount of questions that automatically generated themselves in my head. Instead of starting with intentions and goals I just started writing down all the questions (working backwards is how this feels!) This is a pretty fluid, non-linear, watery way to go and MUCH different than how I usually set up a focused change. But then again, few of those focused changes have gotten me anywhere long term. I start out strong but I fade and falter. And for those who carry tree energies in the Nine Star Ki, it is never an issue of coming up with a goal or focus area, instead it is a matter of WHICH goal should I look at first (there are usually many, many, many goals for persons who carry tree energies).

So another One Little Step is to shift the way I am working with this technique.  I’ve releasing the idea of having a specific goal and calculated steps that I’m knocking out left and right every day. Right now it feels good to simply to observe, ask questions and choose the most exciting one to work with. I’m letting the questions be my “bread crumbs” along this inner maze. I have zero idea where this will lead and for the first time in maybe, say….EVER I really don’t care! I’m enjoying the steps, the view and the personal joy emanating from each tiny movement.

How aobut you?! Please share what steps you are taking, small, silly, insignificant steps. I’d love to hear about them! It’s so nice to have walking partners! 


  1. Hey Robyn! Great post :) I've got so many little steps I feel like a mess sometimes! I blame Pinterest for making me this way. Some of my steps include trying to become more of a crafter (although when it's all said and done I have no problem with just paying for something that looks much better and didn't take a million hours of my time to do.) but I'm trying. and trying to expand my successful recipe list. and keeping a healthy lifestyle. and spending less time on social media and more time with Wyatt and Wylie. ok, I think that's all, I'm going to stop now because those are just the one on the top of my head, I'm sure if I thought about I could have 23 more or so :)

    1. Oh Amanda!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! You know I often feel like the mess you so eloquently described! We, as women and Mamas, have A LOT going on!!! I have often gone for the BIG steps and expected BIG changes and I am finding more and more that I was missing important, deeply significant little insights. The fact that we are trying...yes, that's where it is at! AND....I shouldn't even get started on Pinterest....that site needs to be X'd off my list. None of my creations turn out worth a fiddle. It is a very deceptive black hole and nothing I make looks like the pictures!!!

  2. I've been really unmotivated and frustrated in working towards a healthier lifestyle. After some extensive research I purchased a 2.5lb hula hoop and decided to hula the pounds right off...sounds like fun, right? I was a little over-zealous and did 20 minutes the first night because I was looking for some instant results. The next morning I woke up with horrific and painful bruises on my hips, ouch! This was proof that small steps are the way to go so tonight I'll do 5 minutes and work my way back up to 20. I've also cut my meal portions so at suppertime I trick myself by using a small plate so it looks full and am surprisingly satisfied when I finish. I'm hoping these small steps will yield results but the challenge for me is sticking with it and knowing the results will come eventually (not next week as I'd like). You are a huge inspiration to me, Robyn, in so many aspects...crafting, cooking, and just living in general. Thank you thank you thank you for taking us on this journey with you!!!

    1. Carrie George, I'd love to give you a hug right now!!! I just saw your comments and it brings tears to my eyes! (I think I saw that horrid hula hoop! hee hee!) It sounds like you are on the right track and I'm right there with ya....5 minutes would be my max. I lvoe the idea of using a small plate to cut meal portions, I'm going to be using that this week (thanks!)

      You are also a huge inspiration to me...Miss Homemade Vanilla Extract and Sewing Circle, I mean WOW, I am SUPER impressed! THANK YOU for your support and sharing on this blog. You've inspired me to check back more often and keep writing. I have to say I LOVE the comments. It's wonderful to know my words and little steps are reaching others.

      Thank you!