Thursday, January 17, 2013

A little sunshine on my shoulder...and face

January is one of my least favorite months of the year. The cold, blah month tends to nip hard at my heart strings. It seems that spring is far in the distance and summer but a distance dream. While I love being inside and watching a gorgeous snow fall and I LOVE a hard driving rain, I do not like cold temperatures. In fact, after Christmas season it'd be just fine if we could fast forward straight to April! Today the clouds broke open and I was called by our little dirt road to take a walk. It's been awhile. I'm not one to be out in the nature during the winter months. I LOVE the outdoors but I hate freezing so I'm content, most of the time to observe nature through the sliding glass doors and picture windows. It was good today to feel the sun on my face. Though I had to strain to feel those rays, there were discernible on my skin, nonetheless. I could taste a hint of spring, green grass, dandelions, the burst of red tulips that I always promise myself I'll mark and dig up and re-plant (it's been 11 years of saying that). Under the solid, dry, stiff layer of earth, the seeds still sleep but the promise is there. I was reminded as I watched the sun fade, that I shouldn't get my hopes up that spring is near, no. Instead, I should just enjoy this gift, this moment, this.....warmth. There's no way to command it differently, nature is the ultimate navigator. We are at her mercy as well as her unsolicited gifts.

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