Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care....


Here it is, our white Christmas. We’ve spend the day getting somewhat organized for the “big night”. I have to say, there is nothing like kids to help get one in the Christmas Spirit. I was thinking today, as I battle a bit of fatigue and last minute panic over all that I haven’t gotten done this year, this is not what I had in mind. I always have an ideal image of a perfect family Christmas; all the baking done, all the presents wrapped, sitting in the rocking chair, drinking a cup of hot tea, watching the twinkling lights on the tree and gazing out the window at a light snow falling.

BONGGGGG! The bells in my head go off , snapping me back to “what’s really here”. We have a drooping tree with the top half of the lights that are not working, we have a laundry room filled with snowy, wet caps, coats, boots, gloves in assorted sizes and colors. There are only two of the seven mountains of laundry left but several baskets with articles to fold, hang up and put away. No baking has been done. I have three more presents to finish making, I hope I can find them in my craft room. Things are pretty messy down there. Nope this isn’t the ideal I had in mind, guess I will have to work on that one next year.

Though my mind would like to have a picture perfect Christmas, my heart is telling me things are fine just as they are. My family is here. We are safe, we are healthy, we are happy, we are warm and we are together. We have plenty of food, a roof over our head, nice warm beds, and transportation to visit family when the opportunity opens. There are a lot of things un-done this Christmas so I am taking notes in my journal of what I want to do next time around. II have the same amount of days leading up to Christmas every year, so I am not sure why this one has been so unfocused and off track! I thought I had this holiday prep stuff down to a science………..guess not! Just when I thought I was so far ahead back in November, I blink at it is already almost Christmas! I am thninking it would be nice if we could put off the celebration until next week, though I would probably not be ready then either.

Tonight I will take a break from all the to-dos. We’ll sit by the fire downstairs, drink warm cocoa and read our favorite Christmas stories. We’ll read until the kids get tired of it or until mom gets tired, the later may come first! I’ll then turn it over to one of the boys and let them read to me if that happens. I am learning to share the work load. I used to be a bit of a perfectionist. My gift, this Christmas, is to realize that image no longer fits. I’m celebrating the perfectness of all my imperfections. Joy To The World!

Blessings to All this night, before the night before Christmas!
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