Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness Rock


I've been especially looking forward to Monday and Wednesday mornings as this is about the only time that I have to myself! Pryce now goes to pre-school which gives me a few, uninterrupted hours to work on computer or working with clients. Today I decided I'd take the morning off. I was going walk Myah but I haven't made it outside yets, its a bit on the chilly side!

I was savoring the delight of the approaching holiday season by picking up the mess of toys, ornaments decorations from our tree decorating party the last couple of nights (why is there always clean up after a party?!) when I received an unexpected gift in the form of a phone call.

This simple message was something out of the blue that just made me smile! It lasted no longer than five minutes but had the impact of brightening my entire day. Most importantly this call didn't have to be made; the sweet soul on the other end didn't have to take the time to share. She could've easily noticed, observed and kept the observation to herself and going on with her busy day. She took took a few minutes to share something that deeply touched me, both the message and action. I am so blessed to live in a place where people take the time to call and share something with me just because they want to!

I am going to go back to my decorating now. I have just under an hour before my little helper returns. I finish my tasks with an even bigger grin on my face. Sincere gesutres, thoughtful phone calls and random acts of kindness the greatest gifts to give and receive. What's been your favorite? Let's spread the cheer!
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