Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Newest Addiction


So I am totally addicted………………..

I see what all the rave is about in the knitting world! There are so many fun yarns, colors, styles, and items one can make with a couple of sticks and some yarn. Color me impressed. I had several errands to take care of in town on Friday but what I really wanted to do was sneak into the knitting store and visit Vickie for a few more lesson. A couple of hours later I walked out with a huge grin, a finished dish cloth, a glob of bright yellow year and “fat” kindergarten size knitting needles (I like to call them sticks!)

I nearly blew off driving by the bank to drop off a payment and pick up a perscription at Shopko. I completely skipped getting those last three Christmas gifts in lieu of learning how to bind off and a refresher for casting. My priorities are clear. I have visions of knitting sweaters, caps, mittens, and felted purses, that latter really trips my trigger and makes my heart flutter. Ok. Deep breath, this is pretty exciting stuff!

Parker requested a bright yellow scarf, which I am working on now. I’ve also started another dishcloth. I am a multi-tasking knitter, if only I had a couple more hands. I also realize I've quite innocently found a new addication. There,I admitted it.

I am ready for a bumper sticker that reads, “I’d rather be knitting”.
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