Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Back and its Cold Outside


After a couple weeks of frustration and a lot of bucks (green ones, without horns!) I am finally back on-line. Being unplugged was a strange experince. I felt disconnected at times. I hate to admit that I may be slightly addicted to the ease of the internet. We do everything from paying bills on line to choosing movies, finding recipies, and reading other blogs. Emails, texting and facebook make it really easy and fun to stay connected to others and that is what I most missed. Can we do without internet, yes. Would we want to? Probably not.

Its nice to be able to blog again. My computer had to be completely rebuilt and even now it is still not restored to its former glory. There is much to do. With Christmas just around the corner, I can feel overwhelm creeping in. I choose not to acknowledge it today. Who cares that I have case studies due, a newsletter that needs to be written, ki readings to be done for next month, presents to craft, gifts to wrap and oh there's that little thing called supper tonight. Yep, back in the routine...........I'm on the computer putting off what is here and contemplating pulling the plug myself. Somehow it is easier when I choose to unplug versus when the unplugging happens by an unknown, outside force that cannot be controlled.

I want thank my very sweet, loyal readers for the support and encouragement to get back into the blog. Like many things, blogging would be easy to let slide and put off 'til later if I didn't love it so much! Your kind words were deeply appreciated and I am delighted to share with you once again. We have much to catch up on!

I found this picture as I was redownloading picasa today. Our view looks similar to this one taken in 2006 with the exception of the ice. We had a terrible ice storm that wiped out power across the state that holiday season. This holiday season the news has been on the freezing temperatures. This morning it was 2 below. Let me tell you, it took Myah only seconds to pee and poo and she was barreling to the door. I wasn't far behind her.
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