Sunday, September 20, 2009





Before & After:

I must say, this is the most productive day that I've had on record, save the canning kitchen! The store room has been a little burr in my side for sometime now. I could barely stand to walk in to get hamburger out of the freezer. I would cringe each time I saw the scattered array of tools, wires, paint, fixtures and just about any other thing you could name in the ways of home improvement.

In feng shui there are two types of chaos, active and passive. Active is that which is created in the art of creation, the passion of creating something new, fun and fabulous. Passive is when it is left over a period of time and gathers dust. The later is what pulls down the chi or "good energy" in your space. Well you can imagine that we had very little chi left in the storage room, verrrrry little!

And when there is little chi there is often little motivation to clean, clear, organize and............reclaim. So it took lot of energy to face the dreaded, dusty shelves of the storage room. I am happy to report that we conquered it today. Chad is often not here to help and today, being the rare day in the universe that he was nearby and willing to help clean up the crap was a blessing that I had not expected to receive this year, at least not until the snow started flying. Happy Day!

As he got his tools organized and sorted through the array of left over items from the finishing the basement project, I rolled with it, sweeping through each boy's room, (and finding things that makes a mother gasp, nothing R rated, just a lot of clothes and toys stuffed away!) We reorganized the toy room, and picked up the rest of the basement, with the exception of more tools and future shelves and wood scraps piled along the south wall.

I know my limits. I am not one to complain. I can again see the floor and the couch and the basement is once again worthy of sneaking into to read a favorite book!

I am glad for today. I've been putting this off and dreading it for longer than I care to admmit. The big battles still lay ahead. Unloading the giant blue box car resting in front of my picture window and cleaning up the lawn/garden before winter comes. I think I have time and now I have a bit more motivation to sing me through.

Time to roll up the sleeves and push on. It's not too late to win the bet for how long the blue storage unti will sit in front of the basement. It is still under a year...........barely!
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