Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre-Halloween Dress Rehearsal




Do you suppose they will still think this is “cool” when they are teenagers? Last night, after retiring from the basement overhaul, a little black Ninja jumped out and nearly scared the pants off of me! I let out a huge giggle when I saw that Parker had dressed his little sis up in his old Ninja costume and he had put on Pake’s. And since Pake didn’t have anything that fit, he donned his fire fighter hat and my old glasses. I couldn’t resist but snap a few shots. Pryce looked absolutely hilarious, such a petite Ninja, with the exception of her voice/attitude, which more than make up for what is lacking in physical stature!

Not sure if these costumes will "stick" by the actual pumpkin date. Would be nice if that happened but usually there is a great shuffling about and mind changing when it comes right down to the day. Cowboys and pirates have been right there at the top of the list, although Parker made the BEST waiter I've ever seen last year (thanks to Aunt Patty's bow tie!) For those readers who aren't on facebook, I will post the winning costume choices in a picasa album if you are interested!

Oh well. It can wait. My brain is a bit fried right now. I subbed in 2nd grade today. I do love stepping back into the elementary building every now and then. The kids are great and it is especially fun to be in class with Parker. I don't miss it enough to want to go back, I realize I am pretty out of shape~I am ready for a nap. I'd really like to light the fireplace! I am cold tonight. Not sure if I am actually coming down with something or if it is just the signal I am getting from the seasonal change~I do love to burrow down and get cozy, maybe tonight I will bust open another can of tomato soup............trying to hold off til later in the year but it is soooo good, my "red" gold! Happy Snuggling!
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