Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Cotter Kenneth Johnston

We welcomed a new little Johnston boy into the family yesterday, Cotter Kenneth Johnston. We were all excited as could be, so as soon as Chad came home from work and as soon as the road construction crew would let us onto the highway, we set sail for North Platte to meet the new little fella!

I love babies, always have. They are so cute, so innocent and so dependent. What I most enjoy about babies and the new life is all the possibilities that lie within that tiny bundle. We always wonder what he/she will look like later on. What color the hair will be, the eyes will be, how tall, how heavy? It seems like there are a world up possibilities all wrapped up in the little mystery that we hold and talk to. Cotter could probably care less about who all these strangers are. Right now he knows mommy and daddy, soon he’ll know his brothers, Coy and Cayson. His mission is eating, sleeping, and releasing all that he ate. Wow. Do you remember when your only goal in life was to eat, sleep and grow?! There are days when I could sure go back to that kind of bliss; I wouldn’t want that everyday though, there are way too many adventures that I have ahead of me.

For now, we simply celebrate the joy of new life and ponder this beautiful birth.

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