Sunday, March 3, 2013


In preparation for Trip #2, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in new luggage. There was a great sale going on and so after 2 hours of contemplation, I came home with these twins. I didn't realize how large they were until I went to start packing today. After SUCCESSFULLY traveling to Seattle with JUST A BACKPACK, these two monsters seem like severe overkill. The picture does not accurately show just how large these are so here's a more accurate dimensional example:

As you can tell, this suitcase is perfect for transporting a petite 7 year old child.

It doesn't work as well for a lanky 11 year old boy, but it seems to have a nice give to it.

Placing the two side by side, totally confused Marley. He wasn't sure which one to jump into....
and quite frankly, I'm not really sure which one to start packing first. I do think I may have gone a tad overboard with luggage selection. Based on the Seattle trip, I bet I could live out of one of these for at least a year. I did enjoyed the challenge of minimalist packing. I learned that there isn't much that I really need, save a few toiletries, cash and my iphone (which is my camera, computer, notepad, alarm, map, music, and entertainment). I'll be using these two monsters to hold the belongings of 5 people, that's challenge enough. 


  1. We went to San Diego 2 weekends ago and I also challenged myself to travel with just a backpack. This was a huge step! You never know what the plan will be when you arrive or if the weather will suddenly change so I've always packed plenty of options. I read an article recently that gave tips on smart packing. By bringing one pair of pants, you can make up several outfits with different shirts, scarves, and accessories. By doing this, I took just a backpack to San Diego (and not my huge climbing pack, a regular size backpack!). Most airlines charge an arm and a leg to check a bag so now I look forward to traveling by backpack :)

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  3. Carrie George~ you are AMAZING and I KNOW how fashionable you are girl so I can see you totally pulling this off! I found traveling with just a backpack was immensely freeing, almost gypsy like!

    I loved not having to haul around lots of bags and when I got home, I had very little laundry so that was a plus too. I found that there just isn't a lot that I need since I can get or find most essentials when I land.

    I think that if I have an iphone and charger, colored pencils and a journal, I'm pretty much set! My next plan is to apply the same focus on my house....I am having intense drives to downsize and release....going to be a big ol FOR SALE sign along HWY 83 in a couple of months! hee hee

    Thanks for the comment, love hearing from you!

  4. The more I travel the more I become a minimalist, and I love bag is wearing out and ripping in several spots and Wyatt wants to get me a new gym bag but I've been eyeing the animal print ones at T.J. Maxx. if we're gonna be bums, we're gonna do it in style. My other go to bag is a plastic sack. When I traveled with some classmates to Austin I realized how good I've gotten at packing on the bare essentials, they had HUGE bags and I had one small one- So I came home and told Wyatt how lucky he is to have a wife like me yadda yadda yadda and he kindly reminded me that I have learned to pack so little because my bags will get thrown out before any of the saddles or boys' gear :) Have fun on your next trip!! :)

    1. Oh Amanda!!! YOU inspire me. And you are so right, traveling does support minimalism. Each time I've left this place I take less and less. I'm still a work in progress but I've got my essentials down to a tiny bag (it is expandable!) It look less than two minutes to put my necessities away last night. That was a miracle. My goal is to get down to one bag ONE (HOLY COW IS THAT POSSIBLE FOR ME?!?!) Perhaps if I state that, then it will make me accountable. My problem is that I LOVE BAGS and I have quite a collection. I'll see about getting there though. I've gone through my jewelry which was a little tough since I love that too. It was a nice "warm-up" so..time to roll up the sleeves. and PS...tell that hubby of yours HE IS LUCKY TO HAVE A WIFE LIKE YOU!!!! (I bet he knows this! ;)