Sunday, March 10, 2013

God is great, people are good

Trip Highlights:

Weather delay--got to stay up in the clouds for an extra 40 minutes.

Slight glitch with car rental--slight, we got the car.

Left behind backpack. This is why I believe people are good. After retracing our steps, I determined that the green backpack was back at the car rental place where we had the glitch.

Here is where faith and belief give way to trust. Getting the backpack back was out of my hands. We had most all of the cords/chargers in there, my favorite cap, books and art supplies and a pair of shoes. All replaceable but to do so would be expensive, and a real pain in the bottom.

There was a gentleman standing nearby. I described the bag and with a smile, he told me he'd been waiting for me. He handed over the backpack, I gave him a hug, my son's bank account lives another day (he who walked away from the bag will remain nameless!)

There are a lot of people, anything could've happened to that bag, but thankfully nothing did. I still believe there are good people, many, many of them are just deep down good beings. I've had the honor of meeting them.


  1. Whew! What a lovely story! I feel the frustration and joy of the story! Enjoy reat of your time!!

  2. Oh yes....plenty of both! Those have been the only challenges. This is also why I advise clients to avoid travel when your number is in the center....this trip was set so in that case we just go with the flow as best as we can ;)