Monday, May 2, 2011

Giving It Our All

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Cowboy Quote of the Day:
"Don't cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what you've got."
~Steven Pressfield

I am doing my best to maintain a postive, happy attitude during the busiest months of my life (If you've seen my April flash by, would you kindly pass her on back to me? Thanks!)

I am in the midst of finishing up three classes from CSC's on-line library media program and while I'd like to say I've "aced" them, that would not be the truth, actully would be far from the truth in some aspects. What I have aced is my ability to learn, grow and remain ever so humble. If I thought I was "mart" in any way, that theory has been extremely tested.

Here are my contributions to the world this week:

One messy house that needs someone who has the time, talent and attention to bring her back into shape. By the look of my May calendar that is an unlikely possibility.

Two boys with really shaggy hair (if anyone would like to exchange eggs for hair cuts, I could keep you in constant supply. On both accounts)

A very smelly Marley that shouldn't be allowed in the house but he gets to come into the craft room and keep my feet warm anyway. I get over the smell after 15 minutes or so.

One authentically, genuine happy heart. For all the things I have going on, even if I am walking just to the edge of sheer meltdown and overwhelm, I feel very blessed for the many activities, discoveries and support that I've received. I do feel that I have some of the best pals in the Universe!

My final contributions include good doses of humor (something that has gotten me though this past ridiculously busy month) a diversion away form perfectionism (if the target lands anywhere close to the mark I'm calling it a "gimmie" and moving on to the next obstacle)and hopefully because of my current reality, I'm helping to shape independent, capable, creative, resourceful little human beings. That may be a stretch but they are going to have multiple opportunites for growth this week!

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