Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poundin the Pavement

It is Saturday morning and we are once again headed to a basketball tournament. Our team has continued to improve so we want to get them in as many tournaments as we can. The lessons they learn now are important, win or loose.

It's been a fast paced week, fun and productive. I'm feeling a deep urge to go through my house and spring clean. I've accumulated a good deal of items and I've enjoyed them but I am feeling its time to lighten the load and adopt a more minimalist stance. In reality I know I have way too much stuff to pull that off; I can feel a shift happening though. Quality items versus quantity is what I'm going for. I'm leaning towards a more mobile lifestyle in the coming years....I just haven't tamed those gypsy genes and I can feel their pull enticing me down the road.

Our kids are getting older and able to hike longer distances, a milestone I've been waiting for for the past 12 years! The baby is tough and she can hold her own on most trails. Moab here we come! We have at least three summer trips in mind (is it May yet?!)

I've done a fairly good job of keeping myself grounded. I've certainly enjoyed the past several years of less travel and home vibrations. I can hear the wind calling my name though and I know it will soon be time to explore. Its easy to be dormant and domestic in winter. As soon as it warms it'll be nearly impossible for me to resist packing a bag and heading into an outdoor adventure. I've dreamed of camping since the last's only getting stronger with me.

For the time being, we've got a few more weekends of basketball, working cattle, and various home/ranch responsibilities to tend to. I am blessed with fantastic clients to share with, fun classes to teach, great kids to work with, awesome friends to connect with and an amazingly comfortable, cozy bed to flop into at the end of the day. I can't remember what down time feels like but that's perfectly okay with me, I'm good with a rockin' fast pace for now. I'll find a quiet river to lay beside this summer. Time to keep pounding the pavement!
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