Saturday, February 27, 2010

You've Come A Long Way.........Hair!

That's me in the middle, in short hair! This was taken at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding in May of 2006. People that I have met in the recent past don't realize that I once had really short hair. My family is amazed and astonished that I had the patience to grow it out and I tell them that I haven't done this alone! One of my best friends, Barb Barraclough, has gently guided and supported this process.

There are several reasons that I've choosen to grow my hair out, some silly, some serious, some reasons may only make sense to the brain this hair now covers! What strikes me and thus the reason for this post is how much we ALL change. I just wrote about change in the NAJPA newsletter this week. We have two choices in the midst of change; align with it and accept it or resist it. The later is what also invites pain, frustration and stress and frankly, who wants that?!

I am continually amazed at how others around me change, specifically my children. I am go grateful with the technology we have today as the camera, phone and computer so easily assist us in documenting the daily changes that are easy to miss. One peek at pictures and scrapbook reveal the changes that scan slip away, easily undetected right before our eyes. I wake up one morning to find our precious little "spice pumkin" is 4 years old, our big hazel eyed, dimple wearing boy is 8 and our little red-haired cowboy wears shoes the same size as his mama. (tears rolling now!)

With most of my focus on family, home and possible career paths, the last place I tend to focus is on me! Most mom's I know are in the same boat. I know that I change too. Mostly the changes I look at our inner ones though I must admit, I do cast a passing glance in the mirror............just checkin!

Then one day, I realize that I too have.............changed, on the insight and out. Nearly two years ago when I went through the Journey training,, I targeted some specific inner changes and transformations that I was ready for. Looking back I see that I am in a very different place now, physically, mentaly, emotionally, spiritually. Its been a long road and that old saying (eventhough it was for cigarettes?) You've Come A Long Way Baby, comes to mind.

I still don't like to wake up early, I despise cold weather and squash is still not one of my favorite veggies. I am a lot more bold than I used to be. I am willing to stand up for myself though I tend to avoid confrontations when I can. I recognize my triggers though I don't always cock the hammer!

Every now and then, when I am walking by a mirrior and I now see long, dark hair falling across my shoulders and it makes smile. This is the change the I've been waiting for. I think I am about to hit my stride...............

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