Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Do You Bring on the Road?

Yesterday's post really got me thinking about what I haul around for creature comforts and how much of that do I really need? 

My downsizing, simplifying and clutter clearing is underway. I can't say I've stopped buying altogether but I've gone a month without adding any new items to my wardrobe. Ive bought music and books, all digital, nothing that takes up room. I'm actually looking forward to digging in and clearing out, whenever I get consistent days to do so. It's not looking very promising right now, hopefully June will present some open days?!? 

I am curious, what are the creature comforts you are willing to pack along? Do you go light, or full on, depending on the activities? What things come with you no matter what? 

Of the trips I've taken since February I never leave home without: sunglasses, iPhone (which has music, which I have to have!) Kindle, fleece jacket, comfy shoes, MacBook, tea bags, essential oil blend. 

If I have the luxury of a little more space, I bring my pillow and tie dye blanket (helps make a crappy beds and/or floors more bearable), pottery mug and loose tea (which I prefer over tea bags), books, and art journal supplies. I realize the Kindle could alleviate the hardcovers but I thoroughly LOVE the feel of a page between my fingers, it's all in the aesthetics. 

I travel a great deal of the time. This is part of why I'm on a quest to simplify. As much as I go, I want to be able to clean and organize less and enjoy my time more when I am home. I know I can do without a lot, but I do feel a sense of comfort with these items along. They can make a slow day pass more enjoyable or help expand my mind and thoughts if I am stuck on a pickup for hours on end. Adding a little food and water, and a few essential clothing items, I could pull off living on the road for several months. (That is actually my goal by the time I'm 45. More on that later!)

So PLEASE share, what are the items that bring you comfort on the road? I am excited to hear and.....maybe you'll give me some ideas of what I'm missing! 

Happy Trails! 

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  1. I've been decluttering too! So tired of all the STUFF. Lets see when I travel I bring my Kindle, my bible, my laptop.. my pillow.. LOL.. Just a few items.