Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick Ki Preview~May 2013

Hi Friends,

May is here officially but you can't tell that by looking out the window! It's cold and blustery, all the more reason why you will not hear me complain when the temp soars above 100 this summer. I don't like heat but I despise cold, wind and dreary vistas even more.

I've had some wonderful feedback and invitations to offer decluttering services, which I am seriously contemplating. Let me just say that it would be MUCH easier to go into someone else's space and clear out because I'd have no sentimental attachments. In fact, if anyone wants to come here and make claims on anything, I'd probably be willing to let a lot more go out the door. I can't say the same about my family, they think I've lost my mind. I'm running into some serious resistance. (Little do they know what I have in store for this summer, inset evil laugh). Up next, when the time opens up for it will be to go through the rest of the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry. I'll move on to the laundry room and office, Pryce's room and the shelves in the living room. Though you can't tell it by the current appearance I am LOVING the space that previous efforts have brought through. Yes, the cookbooks are still piled along the south wall but they've created space for coffee and the few to-go cups that we saved. We are down to four. One for each adult and two extra for friends that join us for Ranger Tours in the canyon. We are all about full service and hospitality.

This post however is NOT about clutter clearing and downsizing. I wanted to write about 9*Ki (one of my favorite subjects). I write about it from time to time, post about it on Facebook and offer personalized reports for clients and friends each month. It is something I use every day and refer to often for life planning as well as helping me make sense of what goes on within and around me.

The ki energy this month will officially change around the 6-7th of the month though it is common to start "tapping" into our new energetic locations right about now. The ki "flavor" changes every month, offering us opportunities, lessons, observations and discoveries. Eight earth is the guiding influence for May. Eight focuses on personal change and transformation. The symbol is that of the mountain and more specifically the core, the innermost aspect that no one sees. It is here we create, within ourselves, the changes we want to experience in the outer world. The energies, cave like, surround us and nourish us at the soul level. Collectively this is a good time to look at areas of our lives that we want to rework; habits, patterns, beliefs, and practices are all up for grabs. Have you been wanting to start an exercise program? What interests caught your eye? Perhaps you've been thinking of a new place to live or a new career that you'd like to follow up on. Now is the time to "put it out there". Since the governing element is earth, think of this month as "seed planting". Remember that the earth element tends to move more slowly than other ki energies so this is certainly a station to exercise patience within.We may not see immediate results, instead slow, steady/consistent workings are what bring desired intentions to the surface.

And for the rest of the Ki we go:

1 water: you move into the seven metal location. This is a great time to finalize plans and projects, organize, clear out excess, align energies and come to center. Take care of details (no matter how time consuming or annoying). The idea here is to "clear your desk" and create space for next month when you work directly with the energies of personal change and transformation. This is a prosperity station so its a good time for money and positive opportunities to come in!

2 earth: You'll be working in the 8 earth location for the month and 8 happens to be in the center so this month could be busier than it normally would be. With an earth/earth combination you'll want to make sure to keep moving as stagnation can creep in. Do things to challenge yourself this month;  do things to challenge yourself this month, step outside your comfort zone and get moving! Select a less than supportive habit and replace it with a positive one. Simple steps will get you where you want to be.

3 tree: time to party!!! You move into the fame and reputation area so this month will be full of movement and excitement for you. You are on stage so what you say and do will be on display for everyone. Think before you speak and act, make your words count and make sure your actions are in alignment with who you are and what you are about. Align with fire energies to highlight your passion and life purpose.

4 tree: This is your month to take a break! The water energies are usually a little more quiet though you are in your home station more this month so you'll still be on the go. Water is a conductor so use this time to clarify your plans, path, and purpose. Go with the flow, relax, unwind and rest.

5 earth: Relationships are the focus this month. The one we have with our soul and the connections we keep with others are all up for renewal, revision and or release. This is a grounded energy to work with; good for planning, sorting, organizing and working with details. Don't expect immediate results instead focus on what you can do right now. If you are in the mood for romance, this is your month!

6 metal: Get ready to move and shake! Your energies are in the 3 tree location. This is a place where you'll be able to put ideas into action. Exploration, discovery, creative ventures and boldly stepping out are all supported here. Three invites us to be bold and step outside of our comfort zones. Align with your throat chakra, it's time for your voice to be heard.

7 metal: Four tree houses your energies this month. Four fosters education, studies and philosophical approach to life. This is a good place to continue working on projects as there is much motivation available. Plans are subject to change so stay flexible (a bit of a challenge at times for those with metal elements!) Look at opportunities as adventures, ditch the to-do list and do something fun!

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