Thursday, August 27, 2009

And That's Just One Days Haul


I do love this time of year but right about now I start having thoughts about the islands and far away places that beckon my heart strings, "Come sit here in the sun, relax, breathe, swim, eat, drink, rest, read, sleep, anything but WORK!!!" This month always requires just a little bit more effort than any other months and a whole lot more time in the kitchen. Laced with the island fantasy somewhere behind my eyelids, I headed out to the reality of a garden in August, which has continued to explode in the last couple of weeks. My last post showcased the beans and sauces. I went a little wild with strawberry jalapeno jam (to die for!) and this picture shows what I started with on Wednesday. I am now on my second batch of soup, waiting for jar lids to be delivered; We'll put up a few pickles today too. None of my cucumbers were worthy but friends delivered ones that are the perfect size so in the jars they go. Friday brings in some fun with a trip to my former stomping grounds for Old Settlers Reunion. So one more day of slinging 'maters. The islands will have to wait......I can feel the sea breezes though........."I'm french kissin' life square on the mouth and sailin' out into the sea"~Kenny Chesney. (Music is a must when canning! If you'd like my playlist, I'd be happy to post it!)

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