Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pausing At Solstice

Hi Friends,

I've gotten quite a number of blop posts stored in the old computer that have never made it to the posting page. I've spent the better part of the past few months keeping up with my family. The boys are both into basketball and their schedules no longer coordinate as nicely as they once did. Pake is a student manager and travels with the high school team. Parker plays with the Curtis team since there aren't enough boys from Maywood to make a team.

I'm going burning through the house to bring some type of order. It is a known fact that I think and feel better when my "nest" is neat. It is an ingrained trait and try as I may to ignore the chaos, I simply cannot. I'll "power clean" the upstairs and downstairs today and then retreat to my very full craftroom to put the finishing touches on packages. We've got a few more gifts to secure and then we'll begin the holiday preparations.

I do love this time of year though it takes some focus to really get me into the Christmas mood. I've felt like our lives are moving at mock speed and to me, this is not enjoyable. Not at all. I prefer a slower, quiet rhythm and that is not what my days have felt like. I like to savor moments within the season and really soak up the vibrations of this time of year. I'll be doing that this evening and tomorrow. Just soaking and basking in the goodness that is here.

Winter solstice is one of my favorite wheels of the year. I love them all but there's something magical about this time. I've always felt that way though I am a sworn lover of summer, sun and water. This is my one deviation. I'll light a simple candle, sit by the sparkling tree and tune in to the rhythms present. There is depth, stillness and presence here, all are elements I am thirsty for right now.

I'll be dreaming, creating and planning a new path for the coming year. My time  in the fire station has been enlightening, to say the least! I've seen things from an entirely different perspective and I'll be using that insight in the action plan I'll write up and follow in 2013. I can feel my "wings" expanding and my gypsy vibrations being activated. I'll be shaking out the backpack and prepare it as my second home. I've completed my time in the homey two earth location and's time to move, explore, discover and make tracks.  I'm feeling a deep calling to spend more time with writing and art, avenues I've been missing. Good, good things on the horizon and now, time to go deep, ground and anchor so that when the wind is right.....I'll be ready to fly.


  1. Sincerely hoping everything you're wishing for happens for you soon!

  2. It's always good (and not always possible!) to take time to reflect and dream. With 3 young ones at home and in various activities, it's run, run, run! Been there, done that. I enjoyed it at the time, glad we did it, don't miss it-LOL! Did you finish your classes, or are you still studying library? Have a wonderful holiday season!