Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay...Maybe she gets it from me?

Hi Friends,

I have a rare moment for a quick blog post. As usual I'm in the midst of what feels like a personal marathon (I just don't seem to be dropping jean sizes )

I have been bustling about today, dragging three kids along (they loved it.) Tonight I decided that it is time to bring some organization  to my art supply collection. I've been accumulating for awhile now and was quite shocked to find that ALL that I now have doesn't not fit into one bag. Not even two bags. I had to do some brainstorming and get really cre8tive, coming up with a solution to house all of my supplies in one spot. If this were the case then I could easily haul my "entertainment" anywhere and I could work at the dining room table (most convenient) or my studio (most spacious). After browsing the local antique store and finding nothing, I came home and looked around the place. BINGO! I knew I bought this vintage Samsonite for a reason. Eight years later, I know why!

I wanted to add that I probably shouldn't tease my daughter anymore about being a hoarder.......I may know where those tendencies arise. All I can say is at least I have a theme! At least my "collections" (sort of )match. You won't find last year's blown up fire crackers in that suitcase! Nor will you find random keys or old cell phones, bags of chips, basketball shirts, or knives (her current favorite thing to sneak away.) Don't worry, she won't use the knives she just likes to hide them from her brothers!

So what is your favorite organizational piece? What do you use to bring your collections under control? Please share in share in the comment section below. My Clutter  Free Living class is coming up soon, I'm always on the lookout for cre8tive solutions!

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